Ceremonial Songs
In Church, Temple or Civil

Clic here to listen => Ave Maria Caccini

Classical Songs, Modern, Gospel, Jazz

For a ceremony with tender loving moments.

You can contact me for a vocal intervention
at a Ceremony of Marriage but also for a Baptism
or a moment more Solemn as to a last remembrance.

Please communicate me your wishes
for those privileged and unforgettable moments.

+ 65 Videoclips

Some exemples;there are other possibilities, do not hesitate
to send me your specialrequest!

° Ave Maria Gounod, Gospel or Caccini
° Amazing Grace
° Oh Happy Day
° Hallelujah
° What a wonderful world
° La Montagne
° Les Moulins de mon cœur
° ...
° Download a small liste of ideas => Cérémonies

I will be happy to send you a free estimation of the fee.

Project basic fee 150€
Includes: 3 Songs of your choice &
Accompanied by orchestral band
Accompanied by Pianiste/Organiste +100€

Kilometer allowance 0,48€/km

Renée Heerkens,
Mezzo Soprano, Vocal Teacher & Choirmaster

SIREN 519 022 057, Code APE 8559B

Renée Heerkens
Mezzo Soprano, Professeur de chant & Chef de Choeur
SIREN  519 022 057 Code APE 8559B

Les Prés 63, 07240 Vernoux en Vivarais, France
Téléphone : 06 32 10 44 56
Mail :